Joe Bruce 16 Bar Lyric Notebook

Joe Bruce “The Waterbearer” 16 Bar Lyric Notebook by Emcee Brand™

A lot of Hip Hop is feel. Pen and a pad. Burnt medicine and beats through headphones. The imagination of the city. Set the perfect mood for writing your next collection of unforgettable verses with this Joe Bruce “The Waterbearer” 16 Bar Lyric Notebook by Emcee Brand™.

Joe Bruce “The Waterbearer” 16 Bar Lyric Notebook by Emcee Brand™

Each page is formatted to give you the exact amount of lines needed for either 8 or 16 bar verses. We actually modeled the lines and spacing after the old school paper we used to use for writing in cursive, remember the sheets with the blue and red lines?

The cover has a soft-touch finish and feels smooth like a velvet jumpsuit from the 80s. The inside paper is also high-quality and the books were all put together by PVD Print. We love being able to work with a local company and bring this product to you at an affordable cost of only $8.

This special edition notebook also features the phenomenal Joe Bruce from Providence, Rhode Island as the brand ambassador. We can’t think of a better young wordsmith to represent this product as he’s one of the most exciting artists to come out of the Northeast in a long time.

Joe puts being a father, partner and friend first above being an artist. But music is definitely not just a hobby to him – he has an all or nothing attitude and takes his artistry very serious. He recently started his own record label and just overall in general epitomizes the modern Hiphoppa vibe to a tee.

“Can only fathom what you let yourself think
Polar caps are melting and my heart cold
I’m from PVD, bring it back like a TBT
Gotta react, they won’t leave me be
How could I follow you, you won’t lead me free
All them pipe dreams, hollow like PVC”

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